Is this thing off?

Long absence, and some confusion. I don't entirely know what this is, at this point. Im not wholly sure what I, this username, this entity, this series of statements and responses is. Which is all very first world problems, of course. Possibly it's not a useful line of thought. I sort of have a sense of what I do with this self, but said self is confused in its objectives, maybe, or just confused in its methods.

I'm having a bit of a day, I think, is the short answer. Especially if you're not someone I regularly interact with, feel free to leave a screened comment - give me, in a sense more literal than usual, what for, or wherefore.


 1) Everyday decay
2) Left 4 Dead
3) Zombie Panic
4) From A to Z and back again
5) I am not infected

I think I might be trying to break something in my head.


On the Nuremberg Trials - Rebecca West

The Allies reacted according to their histories. The French, many of whom had been in concentration camps, rested and read; no nation has endured more wars, or been more persistent in its creation of a culture, and it has been done this way. The British reconstituted an Indian hill station; anybody who wants to know what they were like in Nuremberg need only read the early works of Rudyard Kipling. In villas set among the Bavarian pines, amid German modernist furniture, each piece of which seemed to have an enormous behind, a triple feat of reconstruction was performed: people who were in Germany pretended that they were people in the jungle who were pretending they were in England.

Friendlist tidy

I'm doing a friendslist tidy - just wanted to be clear that it really is nothing personal. I'm taking off some people who no longer post (or who no longer post to a list I'm on), some people I added at one point or another but never actually got to know, some people who I speak to IRL so frequently that reading their journals creates a strange echo chamber effect, or people I just don't have time to follow - I'm radically limited in my LJ time at present. I'll be doing this over the next few days...

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Did anyone happen to catch Demons?? I for one was excited by the freshness of the premise, and eager to see more adventures of the reluctant demon slayer forced to confront his destiny by an older transatlantic mentor called Rupert oh my God.