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spyinthehaus's Journal

(post)structuralism, alan moore, ambiguous headlines, ancient greece, ancient rome, androgyny, angel, apostrophes, artificial life, autolycus, bad mood music, barbelith, belle & sebastian, belly, beta band, bill bailey, black box recorder, black coffee, blake's 7, books, brighton, britpop, buffy, caspar david friedrich, catullus, child-free, chris morris, cinema, cities, comic books, comics, creative writing, cross-purposes, david bowie, diana wynne jones, divorce, don paterson, dorothy l sayers, douglas coupland, dystopias, edward gorey, etiquette, euripides, fanfic, fanfiction, feminism, flann o'brien, formal dress, games, gender politics, geoff ryman, give three-piece a chance, grant morrison, half man half biscuit, harriet vane, homer, indie, janeane garafalo, jarvis cocker, john ashberry, john hegley, joss whedon, kenickie, lacrimae rerum, ladytron, languages, latin, leonard cohen, literae humaniores, litterae humaniores, london, magnetic fields, manawyddan, metaphors, misanthropy, moleskines, morrissey, mythology, neoteric poetry, nick cave, nostalgia, ovid, pantone 292, peter capaldi, peter wimsey, phaeacia, philosophy, play, poetics, poetry, pulp, queer theory, reading, seeding clouds, semiotics, simon armitage, sin, six feet under, slash, socrates, stephen fry, stephin merritt, subversion, tarot, the auteurs, the magnetic fields, the other, the oxford comma, the smiths, the war on error, the world wide wrong, urban dead, victoriana, what diomedes did next, words, writing, zombies